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American Hornbeam
Carpinus caroliniana

The American Hornbeam tree's Mature Height is 20-30 feet, Mature Spread is 20-30 feet, Mature Form is Wide spreading, Growth Rate is Slow, Sun Exposure is Full Sun to Full Shade, Soil Moisture is Moist to wet, Soil Type is Well drained, Flower Color is Inconspicuous, Foliage Color is Green, Fall Color is Scarlet, Zones is 3 - 9.

The American Hornbeam tree, Carpinus caroliniana, is a shade tolerant under story tree. American Hornbeam trees are also known by the common names of Musclewood, Ironwood, Blue Beech, and Water Beech trees.

The word "hornbeam" comes from the words "horn" for "toughness" and "beam" an old English word for "tree" and refers to this tree's very hard, tough, wood. This deciduous species provides nuts that are eaten by many birds such as grouse, bobwhite, pheasant and wild turkey. Cottontail rabbits and deer nibble on the shoots of this tree.

Carpinus caroliniana exhibits leaves that are thin and beautifully translucent. This shade tree will provide cool, dense shade in the summer because of its many leaves giving a dense appearance. In late autumn the leaves turn deep scarlet and orange providing good fall color tree.


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