Autumn Flame
Red Maple tree
Acer rubrum, 'Autumn Flame'

Mature Height :
40-60 feet
Mature Spread :
40-60 feet
Mature Form :
Broad round
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun - Partial Sun
Soil Moisture :
Soil Type :
Widely adaptable
Flower Color :
Small red
Foliage Color :
Fall Color :
Red and yellow
Zones :
4 - 8

About the Red Maple - Autumn Flame Red Maple tree :

The Autumn Flame® Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum, 'Autumn Flame', is a fast growing tree that is also one of the first trees to show fall color. The Autumn Flame® Red Maple has scarlet/green leaves which make for gorgeous fall color. This deciduous trees leaves will always contain a hint of scarlet. It will grow in low lands and can handle excessive moisture.

The Autumn Flame® Red Maple is pyramidal when young with ascending branches. The branches develop low and form a dense, narrow crown. The lobed leaves are a nice bright green. It requires full sun for best effect. It is not tolerant of drought or very hot dry weather. This tree is a large tree that can achieve a trunk size of three to five feet in diameter. This is truly a beautiful shade tree.


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