The Cimmaron Ash Tree

Mature Height :
50-60 feet
Mature Spread :
25-30 feet
Mature Form :
Pyramidal - irregular
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun
Soil Moisture :
Widely adaptable
Soil Type :
Widely adaptable
Flower Color :
Green panicles
Foliage Color :
Fall Color :
Zones :
3 - 9


cimmaron ash tree
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About The Cimmaron Ash tree, Fraxinus pennsylvanica :

The Cimmaron Ash tree, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, 'Cimmzam', is a fast growing ash tree that has beautiful glossy purple-colored leaves for showy foliage color. This deciduous trees is seedless with strong, upright branches that are resistant to storm and snow damage. The Cimmaron can grow 3 ft. or more per year in rich loose soil.

Cimmaron Ash trees have a good salt tolerance, but it does not like poor compacted soils. The tree is narrow when young with upright branches. The glossy dark-green foliage turns brick-red to orange-red in the fall. It is a beautiful shade tree for homeowners and landscapers.


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